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Take advantage of Origma Pty Ltd's years of experience in manufacturing to navigate the complexities of bringing your unique product to market. Let us handle the supply chain, distribution and manufacturing while you focus on creating the best product possible. With our years of experience and contacts, we can help you make smart decisions faster, and focus on the areas that make you the most profit.

Success Stories

MNML Fashion

MNML was founded in 2018 by two brothers out of Canberra, Australia, with the goal of creating fashion brand that sells eco-friendly fashion products.
Each product listed on MNML has been designed to be as ecologically sustainable as possible. The production and distribution pipeline has been built from the ground up to be as green as possible.

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad was founded as an exclusive clothing retailer that markets bright, colourful clothing to teenagers. Origma connected Caesar Salad with manufacturers in China and warehouses around the world for global distribution.

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